DEBUG 2024 Indie Game Awards nominee - Innovation and Creativity Award
The GWB Game Awards 2023 - Gameplay Innovation Award winner
The 2023 Playdate Community Awards - Best Soundtrack award winner

[…] I was taken by the whimsy, charming presentation, and tactile fun of Direct Drive.


Let’s try that again. The best games of *2023* so far are: […], Resident Evil 4, Direct Drive

Chris Schilling

Great game, team. Loved going through the bonus content and looking forward to new stuff when you’re able to add it – Direct Drive is a 2023 Playdate gem for sure!


Everything about this product is executed to the highest degree of polish, and it takes advantage of every one of Playdate’s unique features.


Unique and beautifully presented, it’s perhaps the pick of the Catalog so far.

EDGE magazine

I personally paid $15 for Direct Drive and think it’s worth every penny. That game is oozing with personality.


Love the art style and characterization. Love the soundtrack. The gameplay is fun, levels are a good length, I’m really enjoying it so far.


The soundtrack is AMAZING. Graphics AMAZING. Gameplay (looks) AMAZING. GET HYPE.

Hello Playdate Podcast

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