Notes on the “assortment of aural oddities, designed to demonstrate a part of the iterative, creative process behind creating the music for Direct Drive”:

1. “Spooky” song (initial test song for Direct Drive)

– I improvised this little song so that Dmitry could have something with separate instrumental and vocal tracks to test Time Domain Harmonic Scaling.

2. “Excellent” bass line (will become “Leave me alone”)

– I am so lazy not only will I record elements I will use in songs on my iPhone, but I will sometimes ALSO use that original recording in the finished product.

This recording shows me improvising the idea for the bass line, singing it while the recording starts (so I don’t forget it before I start playing it) and the resultant bass line (and then some!).

3. “Leave me alone” (modified bass line and some drums)

– Next steps along the curve.

4. “Leave me alone”

– Let’s add some piano!

5. “Leave me alone” (1950s and “warp”)

– Originally, we toyed with the idea of making the music sound “old timey”. Which is cool… in theory. Making it sound like it was from 1927 was kind of depressing so we didn’t even bother and looked at making it sound like it was a record from the 50s.

(Ultimately, the warping would make it too hard to make the game sound right AND we decided to use the highest quality recordings we could in the game.)

Geek Out Corner: due to size constraints and general uncertainty about the future (!) we decided upon a 22kHz sample rate to cut stereo file sizes in half and THEN converted to ADPCM (Adaptive Pulse Code Modulation) which:

a. has file sizes rivaling what’s possible with MP3 but ALSO;

b. is EASIER to decode on the Playdate hardware than MP3!

6. “Leave me alone”

– Still sounds like 1950s, but full song with voice.

7. “Let’s go to town” was originally called “Mama needs a drink” and in the same way I wrote the lyrics for the verse for “Leave me alone” (I like to give the singers I work with lyrical “jumping off” writing prompts, of which this is one!)

So:  This is me singing a version of the song for Athena (she used none of my lyrics or vocal melodies for this one :D).

8. “Martinis and Machine guns“

– This is me improvising the main melody of the song playing my (literally just sold yesterday, 4/12/23 to a guy in Florida!) hollowbody electric guitar, on the edge of feedback, in my old warehouse space – once again, recorded on iPhone and used as the basis for the final recording!

9. “Martinis and Machine guns“ (weird percussion)

– More of previous but now with some weird percussion, EFX and editing.

10. “Martinis and Machine guns“ (getting there)

– The basic instrumental version of “Martinis and Machine Guns”.

11. “Millennia” was originally called “When I look into your eyes, I see the Future” and this is the original improv recording I made (again on iPhone).

12. Refinement of 11 with percussion and some weird rhythmic EFX the whole song is basically mapped out from the guitar improv (this happens a lot with me).

13. ”Grüling!”

– This would turn into “Throw your dirt on me!”.

Made by DACvector, 1927